Gamification at Tech Conferences: Client Case

How in just 2 days we attracted 522 qualified trade show participants to the booth, found out about their skills, and enriched our talent pool with a game powered by tulula!

Gamification at Tech Conferences: Client Case

                                      Egor Ryabchevskiy, Event Host | 500+ events

I’ve been organizing events for more than 15 years now. In the last two years, the pandemic has reshaped many industries, and it has also significantly changed the events world. In 2020, the event industry shifted to the virtual trend. However, already in early 2021, I started finding that my major clients were eager to return to the offline format.

One of my long-term clients reached out to me with an offer to partner on an in-person tech conference for front-end developers and UI professionals. My goal was to find a tool to drive more attendees to their exhibition booth. They wanted to come up with a unique, appealing solution that would help them stand out from the rest of the exhibitors and capture data on the event participants. That’s when I started researching the options and discovered the gaming mechanics of tulula gamification. There was nothing else like it on the market.

- Why did you choose tulula?

Before the experience with tulula gamification, my client usually did a standard booth thing during the trade shows and conferences. They used a fishbowl to collect business cards at the booth and attracted visitors by a raffle drawing. Participants would leave their contact information in the bowl for a chance to win a prize.

Firstly, this method has a very low conversion rate, and they would need to present a very substantial prize to get visitors to leave their contacts. And secondly, it was impossible to classify participants and get an idea of their skills and professional background just from their listed names and emails.

- How did tulula help?

Tulula offered us one of their interactive booth games for tech professionals called “Wheel of Fortune.” It worked like a charm: conference attendees approached the booth and scanned a QR code directing them to the game. They filled in the registration form’s required fields and started playing and solving tasks. We then rewarded the participants with the highest scores and instantly gathered all the necessary information about the target audience.

In two days, the “Wheel of Fortune” game attracted 522 participants! We honestly didn’t expect the game to be such a huge success. Tulula gamification exceeded our expectations threefold. And the tulula team's project delivery speed was amazing. Everything went great and the number of registered participants was impressive.

                                                   “Wheel of Fortune” game

Thanks to tulula, I was able to attract the target audience to the booth, gather relevant contacts, and get information about participants’ professional backgrounds and skills. After the conference, my client’s company could work with the relevant talent pool, inviting tech professionals to their upcoming activities and job openings.

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