How to Organize a Hackathon for Flutter Developers

Liga Stavok Flutterthon is a five-day online challenge for Flutter developers. One of the main objectives of the challenge was to attract participants who could become part of the team after the hackathon.

How to Organize a Hackathon for Flutter Developers

Liga Stavok Flutterthon is a five-day online challenge for Flutter developers run by Liga Stavok, one of the leading sports betting companies in Russia. The challenge took place on tulula from November 27 to December 2, 2020.

Why hackathon?

Recruitment of skilled developers is an issue that concerns most companies. A lengthy application process, tiring interviews, monotonous work with unpredictable results…Liga Stavok reached out to us after screening literally all available Flutter developers on HeadHunter - the leading online recruitment platform in CIS. They wanted to attract more tech professionals and we suggested that they expanded outreach and focused not only on Flutter developers but also on Android and Kotlin developers, who would like to learn a new stack. This strategy helped them to expand the pool of candidates and optimize the recruitment funnel.

A hackathon would be a perfect option for them as it helps companies meet recruitment goals and allows them to look at the skills of candidates from a different angle. Besides running a hackathon is an effective way of increasing brand awareness and the audience's loyalty to the brand.

But let’s not forget that hackathons are not only about participants, they are also about engagement with company employees. Team leads and managers from the company, will be able to learn more about potential candidates. During the hackathon they will have an opportunity to evaluate participants’ creative and hard skills, as well as their attitude to solving various tasks. Did participants provide the project on time? How did they communicate their ideas via video conference? Hackathons create a collaborative work environment that helps to indicate how participants can solve challenges, if they are open to asking questions and if they are good team players.

One of the main objectives of Liga Stavok Flutterthon was to attract participants who could become part of the team after the hackathon.

Target audience: Flutter developers, UX/UI designers, analysts

Event format: a five-day online hackathon

Event promotion: 2 weeks

Expected number of registrations: 100

Challenge: to create a system of widgets dedicated to sports events that will display both current statistics and statistics that change in real-time.

Prize pool: $2000

How did tulula help?

Tulula is not only an online platform for events and competitions. Our team has vast experience in organizing offline and online events, therefore we helped Liga Stavok to come up with the hackathon project plan, event concept, attract participants, moderate teams, and lead the participants to the finals. For many companies, the hackathon concept is something new and unknown. Our task is to help the client understand the whole process. First, we explain how to hold a hackathon and share hackathon planning tips. We provide support for hackathon experts, assist in writing hackathon problem statements (challenges), control that everything stays on schedule, and assist with promotion campaigns.

The hackathon was hosted online on tulula platform. The platform has all the tools designed specifically for such events.

  • We created a hackathon project plan and a hackathon website with all the details about the upcoming event: dates, challenges, target audience, experts, and registration link.
  • Our team designed a hackathon page on the platform. Following the registration link from the hackathon website, website visitors landed on a hackathon page with a registration form. The form consisted of several questions: participants needed to elaborate on their skills, areas of expertise, and work experience.
“The registration form can be tailored to your needs: you can choose regular questions, multiple-choice questions, yes or no questions, participants can also attach a file if required”

All-in-one platform. On the platform participants formed teams, invited individual participants, and communicated with each other. Chats and spaces for video conferencing were designed according to the company's corporate style. The event was completely hosted and run online on tulula platform: the opening ceremony, checkpoints, scheduled email notifications, FAQ sessions, the awards ceremony, and the closing remarks.

The hackathon included a qualifying round to select qualified applicants for further participation. At this hackathon there was an opportunity to participate individually.

Virtual Photo Booth. In order to keep the audience engaged during online events, tulula offers a range of interactive activities. You can choose between tests, quizzes, and gamification such as “Wheel of Fortune” and “Constellation”. For Liga Stavok Flutterthon we developed a virtual photo booth, where participants took selfies with a branded background, saved them, and shared them on social media.​​

Event promotion

It was a completely new experience for Flutter developers, and there is a lack of marketing channels to reach out to them. But that provided us with an opportunity to test our hypotheses and focus on sourcing developers who had never participated in hackathons. We searched for participants through posts on social media in industry groups, reached out to partners who held industry conferences and events, posted announcements in the media and event digests, and set up targeted and contextual advertising. Honestly, the promotion of this project was a challenge in itself: it’s not that easy to get a promotion with a project from a gambling company. For each media and influencer we created the content they would be more likely to promote and explained to them how it’s important to let tech professionals know about this exciting opportunity.

The funnel

Qualifying round: 100 registrations and 27 qualified teams.

The finals: 11 teams in the semi-finals, 6 teams in the finals.

Job offers: 2

After the hackathon

The grand prize was awarded to the  P.Resolved team. The rest of the hackathon participants received gift cards to spend on a coffee break, as well as branded swag by Liga Stavok.

Participant feedback on Liga Stavok Flutterthon:

«Everything was great. I felt very comfortable, even though it was my first experience interacting with total strangers. And they turned out to be amazing professionals! My recommendation for the next hackathon: just keep doing what you do:)»
«Nowadays it is very important not just to stay professional, but also to be able to promote your area of expertise. The hackathon organizing team totally nailed it. I am sure that this company produces a high-quality product and nurtures great professionals»


The market of Flutter developers is an emerging market, the number of professionals in this area is still pretty small. However, due to this, we were able to focus more precisely on the target audience. The result was astonishing. The participants were able to apply their skills in practice and gain new experience, win prizes and get job offers.

Once again we witnessed how effective is to organize an online hackathon for the purposes of recruitment, brand promotion, and building audience loyalty.

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