The Power of Gamification

Whether you’re hosting an online conference or running an expo booth, gamification is your best solution to stand out and create the most engaging and fun experience for your attendees.

The Power of Gamification

Who doesn’t like to play games?

You don’t have to be a kid to love games. At tulula, we make sure everyone can enjoy playing.

But did you know that games are also a great tool for boosting your community, increasing your talent pool, and customer engagement during online and offline events?

At tulula we offer unique interactive games with engaging theme-based tasks. These tasks are relatable to your audience and allow tech professionals to immerse in your company's brand.

Whether you’re hosting an online conference or running an expo booth, gamification is your best solution to stand out and create the most engaging and fun experience for your attendees. Your lead generation numbers will skyrocket too.

What is gamification?

Quite simply, gamification is embedding some game elements into a non-game context. Gamification drives motivation and engagement through entertaining game mechanics.

                                                      “Constellation” game

What are the benefits of gamification?

Generate more and better leads

Gamification helps to easily collect a database of qualified leads and offers a broad spectrum of further lead segmentation. You can analyze task performance and speed, domain expertise of the players, and much more.

Introduce products and markets

It’s a great way to introduce your products and markets and share your unique vision or company culture. At tulula, our creative team helps brainstorm and pick the best tasks to reach your goals. We can use our extra-large library of ready-to-use tasks (e.g., for tech folks, there are multiple-choice tests in 20+ programming languages) or come up with something completely new and unique.

Foster brand loyalty

Gamification is never boring and always brings a positive vibe. When every interaction with your company is enjoyable, your audience wouldn’t want to go to a competitor.

Grow your audience

We all know how positive word-of-mouth positively influences business growth. Trust us, those who played your games would be boasting, sharing their results on social media, and won’t stop talking about it to their friends and colleagues.

Nurture your employees

Sometimes, your internal teams need a little boost to keep them curious and happy. Mini-games with the right context and with the right purpose are a great option. Companies often love to re-use their conference gamification tools internally to continue the momentum and have fun with their colleagues. Bring it on!

As we see more and more offline events across the globe, in-person fun activities and networking options are in the spotlight. Since January 2021, tulula implemented 10 gamification projects to help our clients generate more than 3500 warm leads. Imagine their surprise when the lead quantity and quality exceeded their expectations threefold!

If done right, gamification is a powerful tool to grow your community, your business, your talent pool, and your brand awareness.

Sold on gamification but don't know where to start? Start with your goal. What’s that one metric you’re trying to grow? What’s that vision you’re trying to share? What are some nice-to-have things that would be great add-ons?

Once you have your goal in mind, you’ll need a creative concept, plot, and implementation. If you need any help along the way, tulula is your best partner! Our creative and technical teams join forces to create a unique game from idea to implementation in 4-5 weeks.

Once your game is ready, you can use and re-use it with a few tweaks many more times. Bring it to expos, share at online events, or play with your colleagues and partners.

It’s all about having fun and creating great memories together.

Happy playing!

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