Past event
30 Apr 2020

#BridgeConf 2020


#BridgeConf is a one-day single track livestreamed conference-style event for PowerShell, automation, programming, infrastructure, sysadmin, and other miscellaneous nerds around the world. This event doesn't have a singular focus, but it is born from the PowerShell Discord/Slack community. The most popular, and most socially engaging channel on the PowerShell Discord/Slack network is #bridge (hence, #BridgeConf). In a world where we're all disappointed that so many wonderful conferences and other in-person events are (rightfully) canceled, #BridgeConf is an opportunity for the PowerShell community to quickly unite to do what we all do best: share knowledge, and have fun. See you there!

We'll be livestreaming at You can follow it now to be alerted when we go live on April 30!