Past event
29 Jun – 2 Jul 2020

[Livestream] Ultimate Go Service by Ardan Labs


This class has been designed over the past several years and goes beyond just being a Go service class. There will be very little time spent on specific Go syntax. Our time will be spent learning how to re-engineer a web service and talk about application design, semantics and guidelines for building services in Go.

Building Production Web Services In Go

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Projects / Modules
  • Logging
  • Configuration
  • Metrics
  • Start/Stop/Load Shedding

Day 2

  • http package and routers
  • Web framework design
  • Middleware

Day 3

  • Docker / Kubernetes
  • Database Support
  • Business package design

Day 4

  • Testing
  • Authentication
  • Side cars

What a student is expected to learn:

Everyone is going to be mentally exhausted by the end of the day. We will be challenging every student to think about what they are doing and why. In the 4 years, we have taught this material, we never had someone not appreciate the class and feel like they are a better developer for it. If you want to be a better Go developer, code reviewer, designer and architect, this is the class you want to take.


A basic understanding of the Go programming language. Students do not have to be expert Go users but they will get the most from the workshop if they have completed the majority of the Go Tour.


Upon completion of each session, there will be a video recording available for online viewing for a period of 24 hours. ONLY VIP ticket holders will be allowed to download the video recordings during this 24 hour period. If you don't have a VIP ticket you will only be able to view the recording.

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