Past event
4 Mar 2020

3rd Women in Data Science Silicon Valley (WiDS) 2020 @ SAP Conference


The third Women in Data Science Silicon Valley @ SAP Conference is a full day event focusing on productizing Data Science models. This year’s topic is “Making Data Science Real: From Ideas to Production”.

There is a clear understanding in the value of data and its use in decision making through actionable insights. However, as of today, the estimate is that only 13% of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models make it to production. This conference aims to bring together Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Architects, Designers, Project Managers and Students in the Silicon Valley Area to start the conversation on what is needed to make Data Science a reality in production.

The conference will feature five tracks, that invite participants to dive deeper into the topics of their choosing:

Productize Data Science

This track covers different aspects of the end-to-end process of putting Data Science outcomes into production by highlighting challenges, lessons learned and successes.

Fundamentals of Data Science

Share fundamental concepts of Data Science such as:

  • The roles in a successful data science project and the required skills for these roles
  • The basics about how to build a model
  • The difference between building and deploying a model

This track covers latest research and innovation in the Data Science domain.

Risks of Productizing Data Science

Highlight the risks that come along with putting Data Science in production like data protection, future of work, bias and compliance with GDPR.

Hands-On Workshop

In this session attendees will actively learn how to start a Data Science project, build models and pipelines, as well as other activities contributing to making Data Science real.