Manage Agile 2020
23–26 Nov 2020
  Berlin Berlin 

UNDERSTAND YOUR DATA Making sense of your data is becoming key for every modern predictive business. At ML Conference you will develop a deep understanding of your data, as well as of the latest tools and technologies.

OPTIMISE YOUR MODELS Learn from seasoned experts which methods, libraries, services, models and algorithms to use and, crucially, hear their war stories of training cutting edge machine learning algorithms.

ENHANCE YOUR BUSINESS Make machine learning central to your business model: join ML Conference to gain key knowledge and skills for this new era of data driven business.

webinale 2020
7–11 Dec 2020
  Berlin Berlin 
CFP is open
until 31 Aug 2020
GopherCon Europe 2021
25–29 Apr 2021
  Berlin Berlin 
droidcon Berlin 2021
16–18 Jun 2021
  Berlin Berlin 
Car HMi Europe 2021
27–29 Jun 2021
  Berlin Berlin 
KanDDDinsky 2021
21–22 Oct 2021
  Berlin Berlin 
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