Past event

Five years after the very first Accessibility Club and one year after our first conference it's time to celebrate that accessibility matters seem to have become a bit more mainstream! More and more a11y topics appear on the stages of non-specialised conferences and many new meetups have formed in the last few years, like the A11y Meetup Berlin, the Munich Accessibility Meetup or most recently the Accessibility Club Turku.

As we are, for several reasons, not able to run a full-blown conference in 2019, we thought it's a good time to try something new and more community driven: Let's gather at the first Accessibility Club Summit where meetups from all over Europe come together, share their experiences and get new input to keep them thriving.

We'd especially love to see first-timers and members of underrepresented groups.

Videos from the conference:

Accessibility Club Summit 2019 (Live Stream Part 1)
Accessibility Club Summit 2019 (Live Stream Part 2)
Accessibility Club Summit 2019 — Impressions