Past event
23–26 Jan 2020

AgentConf 2020


AgentConf is where experts and practitioners discuss the future of frontend. Two days of talks in Dornbirn and two days skiing in Lech, Austria.

The AgentConf stage is dedicated to talks by world class engineers envisioning the future of mobile and web technologies. 16 international Speakers are invited to hold full length talks and a group of speakers present lightning talks about their projects and products. Getting inspired from these experts is the #1 driver why people from around the world make their way to #AgentConf every year!

Videos from the conference (16):

Vladimir Novick - Controlling apps with your mind
Simon Zünd - Chrome Developer Tools
Rick Hanlon II - The new new React Native Redbox
Princiya Sequeira - To d3, or not
Nader Dabit - The future of Real-time/offline/data
Miroslav Jonaš - Hello generics, Goodbye boilerplate