Past event
10–12 Aug 2020

Agile Games New England 2020 Conference


Agile New England’s next Mob Programming Conference is scheduled for Aug 8-9, 2020 and the Agile Games Conference for Aug 10-12, 2020 – now to be online. Each conference may have its format lengthened to more days, and shorter content per day. On or before May 15 we will announce more details.

Our venue at Boston University will no longer be available to hold the conferences in person, due to campus closure related to the Covid-19 virus. We are planning to hold both events online. Because both conferences are highly interactive, we are learning techniques to help us keep and even enhance that spirit. We expect to keep the same start dates for Agile Games and Mob Programming, but probably extend over more days. Registration has been suspended until we work out our new program formats. By May 15 we will announce further details on our websites and through the ANE newsletter.