Past event
30 Oct 2020

Agile Tour Brussels 2020 Online


Agile Tour Brussels is one of the biggest conferences about agility in Belgium.

We are a part of the Agile Tour, a series of non-profit events over several cities throughout October and December.

Over the years we welcomed speakers and participants from different continents.

The goal: to spread the agile values, principles and practices, to share experiences and to strengthen the community.

The talks and workshops should cover - but not only:

  • Agile Everywhere

  • Agile Management

  • Coaching & Facilitation

  • Product Management

  • Technical Excellence

  • Trends

This year, with the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19, we decided to make the conference online and open our talks to the whole planet! Join us this year to share your ideas and experiences with a vibrant community of Agile practitioners!