Past event
8 Feb 2020

Alexa Community Day Bengaluru - 2020


Alexa Community - Bengaluru (ALEXACMBLR) is a Bengaluru based Alexa group united by community-led learnings and diversified by the wide variety of tools and technologies closely knit with Amazon Alexa Skills building, Conversational User Interface (CUI) design, Alexa Voice Service (AVS), Alexa for Education, production use cases of Amazon Alexa and much more.

Amazon Alexa Community Days are independent community-organized Alexa education events and supported by Alexa, featuring technical discussions and demos led by expert Alexa builders and industry leaders around the globe.

Community-based learning is the best way to enhance the concepts being taught by connecting with enthusiasts in person, thereby sharing first-hand experiences and familiar, accessible examples.

All skill levels are welcome to help accomplish our motto of learning, sharing and networking. Let's join hands to empower Alexa community to make it bigger and better!