Past event
13 Jun 2019



AllThingsRTC is an industry event where people come together to discuss and share about Real-Time Communication (RTC) technologies and future trends.

The Real-Time communication (RTC) technologies are profoundly transforming our lives and bridging the physical and virtual world. As developers and product managers push the limit on RTC and try to invent new use cases, a new set of challenges are emerging: real time large audience distribution, combining machine learning with audio and image processing, quality of experience monitoring, WebRTC scaling, monetization, content moderation, etc.

AllThingsRTC will bring together 200+ top RTC experts and enthusiasts in an intimate setting to connect, network, and share knowledge. You will hear from the industry’s most respected innovators and practitioners, and learn about the real world technical and business challenges they have had to overcome.

Most of the event organization is done by folks from, and the awesome RTC developer community.