Past event
4–7 Jun 2019

Amazon re:MARS conference


Artificial intelligence is changing every industry. Amazon re:MARS is a new global AI event on Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space, to learn why and how to apply the latest AI advances in your business and work.

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re:MARS is an AI event covering a diverse array of topics and themes related to Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space. The first year of re:MARS brought together thousands of business leaders and technical builders from more than 40 countries for a truly unique event experience featuring speakers like Jeff Bezos, Robert Downey Jr., Andrew Ng, Kate Darling, and Marc Raibert, 100+ learning sessions, pioneering robotics demos that included a Mars rover, haptic robotic hands, and open-source prosthetic leg, workshops, and more. At re:MARS 2020, attendees can once again expect to be inspired by industry luminaries, learn best practices on AI and ML applications for their organization, meet with Amazon technology experts, and immerse themselves in the latest emerging AI technology at the re:MARS Tech Showcase.

Videos from the conference (55):

(A07) Speech Emotion Detection
(A10) Build Next-Generation Voice Enabled Devices with Alexa
(A13) How Alexa Entity Resolution Provides Customers a Better Experience
Private video
(A22) A Hype-free and Cutting-edge Discussion on Autonomous Driving
(A24) The Future of Conversational Interaction