Past event

In today’s competitive landscape of digital products, if you are not growing, you’re failing.

Amplify, an annual conference by Amplitude explores the craft of building digital products for growth.

At this event, you will meet product leaders from all industries and learn how the companies who are truly building for growth win and keep customers.

Videos from the conference (10):

Amplitude CEO Spenser Skates on the Product-Led Era | Amplify 2019
Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan in conversation with Amplitude CEO Spenser Skates | Amplify 2019
Amplitude VP of Product Justin Bauer - Product Intelligence | Amplify 2019
Amplitude EVP of Engineering Shadi Rostami on Product Intelligence | Amplify 2019
Marcelo Pascoa and Elie Javice on Burger King brand and product love | Amplify 2019
Merci Grace: Happy to Help | Amplify 2019