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8 Mar 2019

AngularNL Conference 2019


Angular NL 2019 will bring the return of Angular to the Amsterdam tech event scene. With Maxim Salnikov, and a total of 10+ passionate speakers sharing their insight into Angular. In one action packed day, we will share knowledge with a room full of Angular enthusiasts, allowing you to discover and learn about Angular alongside networking with the biggest community of Angular developers in the Benelux area!

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Past event

Videos from the conference (9):

Michael Hladky - RxJS Advanced Patterns Learn how to manage heavily dynamic Angular apps
Coen Koopman - Building an Angular component Library
Manfred Steyer - Architectures for Huge Angular Based Enterprise Applications
Stefan Nieuwenhuis - Let’s talk about Micro Frontends with Angular and StencilJs
Natalia Venditto - Angular + GraphQL. We do it because we can!
Maxim Salnikov - Sending your Angular App into deep, deep offline with Workbox