19–21 Sep 2022

API Specifications Conference 2022


After a fantastic inaugural event in 2019, successful virtual events in 2020 and 2021, the API Specifications Conference (ASC) is back in-person in 2022. ASC 2022 will include keynotes and sessions on specifications and standards behind the cutting edge technologies that chart the future of APIs.

We are looking for talks that range from beginner introductions to API specifications all the way through best practices and forward looking sessions on API specifications and standards including OpenAPI Specification, gRPC, AsyncAPI, GraphQL, RAML, API Blueprint, oDATA, JSON Schema, and others. In-depth discussions will not only enable attendees to get familiar with these specifications and standards, but actually use them in practice.

The event has its origins in the API Strategy and Practice Conference (APIStrat) which ran for many years and became part of the OpenAPI Initiative in 2016. The collaborative spirit and community from APIStrat continue through the ASC event and we look forward to many of the same lively conversations and debates!

Anyone who works with, develops, or architects APIs will be in attendance, as well as specification and standards maintainers.