Past event
11–13 Feb 2020

Australian Accessibility Conference (OZeWAI and PWAC) 2020


OZeWAI is the Australian Web Accessibility Initiative, which is a strong and established group of members. OZeWAI is proud to provide a valuable source of information on accessibility issues and ideas to the broader community.

PWAC is the Perth Web Accessibility Camp, which has been running since 2013 to educate and inform the West Australian web community about all aspects of digital accessibility. It is run by members of the Perth Web Accessibility Meetup group.

In 2020 the Australian Accessibility Conference will bring together the most knowledgeable digital accessibility experts, specialists and researchers from all over the world, as well as leaders in the industry, government and non-profit organisations to explore and support digital inclusion topics and ideas.

Who is it for?

Content creators, content designers, UX designers, researchers, educators, managers, procurement officers, legal experts and of course … accessibility professionals.

Videos from the conference (34):

Systems of Systems | Tatiana Mac, OZeWAI February 2020
Glenn Pearson | OZeWAI 2020
Plain English for Digital Accessibility | Liddy Nevile, OZeWAI 2020
How the Disabled Built the Internet | Jason McKee, OZeWAI 2020
OSeyeris | Yuma Decaux, OZeWAI 2020
Let’s build more inclusive Android apps | Allison Ravenhall, OZeWAI 2020