Past event
7 Dec 2019

B-Sides Cape Town 2019


Just like the other chapters of BSides around the world, BSides Cape Town is an annual Information / Security conference that is different. We are a volunteer organised event, put on by and for the community. Each year there is a staff of committee members and volunteers. Meet the 2018 staff.

There is a nominal fee charged to the public to attend BSides Cape Town. Currently almost 100% of our costs are covered by our generous donors and sponsors, who share our vision of sharing information. The conversations we start are always relevant to what’s happening right now and in many instances include practical demos instead of the old school lecture style cons.

This year our theme is “Everything is broken”. This theme covers a wide spectrum, from the large scale data breaches of recent times, through all the hardware vulnerabilities that have been exposed and received large amounts of research and media coverage. Eroded trust from governments in large scale telecommunication suppliers and social media being a cesspit of misinformation.

Videos from the conference (14):

BSIDES CPT 2019 - Gollum: One anti-phish bot to rule them all - Byron Rudman
BSIDES CPT 2019 - The Nation State Actor Ate My Homework! - Liam Smit
BSIDES CPT 2019 - Natural Language Processing & Anomaly detection in Sys call logs - Christo Goosen
BSIDES CPT 2019 - How machine learning and AI can help reduce the cyber- attacks - Silent Dzikiti
BSIDES CPT 2019 - Put Words In My Mouth - Amy Manià
BSIDES CPT 2019 - Web Application Vulnerability Scanners: An Intro & Discussion - Robert Feeney