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23–24 Feb 2019

!!Con (bangBangCon) West 2019


!!Con (pronounced “bang bang con”) West is a two-day conference of ten-minute talks about the joy, excitement, and surprise of computing, and the west-coast successor to !!Con! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Santa Cruz, California, on the campus of UC Santa Cruz

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Past event

Videos from the conference (32):

!!Con West 2019 - Jennifer Wang: IMUs FTW!! Building IMU-based gesture recognition!
!!Con West 2019 - Breanne Boland: /etc/services is made of people! (and also ports!)
!!Con West 2019 - Tobias Bieniek: How do you tell folks what’s going on from a plane w/no engine?!
!!Con West 2019 - Eric Fischer: if … then … else had to be invented!
!!Con West 2019 - Molly Lloyd: Everything the light touches is a triangle: how computers draw!
!!Con West 2019 - Lynn Cyrin: The Best Parts! Of My Favorite Things!