Past event
21–23 Nov 2019

BeeScala 2019


BeeScala is an annual conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia focused on the Scala programming language and accompanying technologies. The initial idea was sparked one summer night of 2016 during a conversation between Gorazd Kozmus and Konrad ‘ktoso’ Malawski in Krakow. What was initially conceptualized to be a larger Scala meetup in this part of Europe, organically grew into the first international Scala conference in Slovenia.

The conference is brought to you by the altruistic crew who introduced a new standard for a great conference. Our approach to conference organization is unconventional but above all holistic – we value every aspect of our attendees and our speakers. We strive for a multilayered and unforgettable experience forged by the people for the people. Our aim is to strengthen the human ties and empower our common potential through and by technology. We settle for nothing less.

Videos from the conference (19):

BeeScala 2019 - Behind the Walls
BeeScala 2019 Closing Panel
Modular, Testable Ray Tracing with ZIO by Pierangelo Cecchetto
Generating Clients with Tapir by Hugo Sousa
Is There Anybody Out There? by Manuel Bernhardt
The Last Frontier and Beyond by Valentin Kasas