Past event
31 Jan 2020

Birmingham On Rails 2020


Birmingham on Rails is a forward thinking Ruby on Rails conference with the purpose of building a network of software professionals and educating them on the latest developments and uses of the Rails platform. Birmingham on Rails is based in Birmingham, AL and is focused on executing this mission in the Southeast.

The conference will be held at the McWane Science Center in downtown Birmingham on January 31st, 2020 with a social the night before. The social will feature short lighting talks, while the conference will have opening and closing keynotes with six 40 minute talks throughout the day.

Videos from the conference (8):

Birmingham on Rails 2020 - Morning Keynote by Stephan Hagemann
Birmingham on Rails 2020 - The Story of Rails! by Ratnadeep Deshmane
Birmingham on Rails 2020 - A Quick Guide to RPC Frameworks by Yulia Oletskaya
Birmingham on Rails 2020 - Validating and Processing the Content of... by Claudio B.
Birmingham on Rails 2020 - Postgres at any Scale by Craig Kerstiens
Birmingham on Rails 2020 - Site Reliability on Rails by Anthony Crumley