#BlackAlps19 is an event enabling to discuss the latest threats, mitigations and advances in cyber security. The event features cyber security experts from Switzerland and abroad. It is addressed to anyone with an interest in cyber security or connected to the internet, e.g., CEOs, CIOs, CISO, CTOs, developers, and researchers.

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Videos from the conference (16):

BlackAlps 2019: Blockchain Vulnerabilities And Exploitation In Practice - Nils Amiet
Black Alps 2019: PatrOwl-Red Flavour Of SOC Automation - Nicolas Mattiocco
BlackAlps 2019: Swisscom Bug Bounty: Retour D'Un Chercheur - Daniel Le Gall
BlackAlps 2019: Battle In The Clouds: Attacker Vs. Defender On AWS - Dani Goland and Mohsan Farid
BlackAlps 2019: Hash Collision Exploitation - Ange Albertini
BlackAlps 2019: How To Find And Prevent Entire Classes Of Security Vulnerabilities - Sam Lanning