Past event
13–14 Nov 2019

BlendWebMix 2019


BlendWebMix is a unique and inspiring conference on new technologies of the Web industry created by La Cuisine Du Web. It aims at all webmakers who want to improve their knowledge of the Internet sector and look for inspiration.

The event comes out as a mix of conferences, workshops and networking for each and every job profile and level of competence. This mix allows everyone to enjoy the unique experience of BlendWebMix, as well as to broaden their understanding of the Web industry and Web-related issues; a web developer will be able to attend design-related conferences; a marketing manager can learn more about Blockchain.

This year’s driving theme of BlendWebMix is about New Digital Identities

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What exactly BlendWebMix is? LEARN. NETWORK. HAVE FUN

BlendWebMix is a unique and inspiring web conference, showcasing the newest careers, the latest cutting edge technology and techniques in the field. BlendWebMix is two web packed days, keeping you inspired for the next 363.

Videos from the conference (99):

"Le feedback sauve des vies" - Shirley Almosni Chiche
"Fury road to a highly available worldwide API" - Sylvain Utard
"Divulgation collective, c'est mal ou pas ?" - Manuel Dorne / Korben
"L'Open Source change le monde...vraiment ?" - Bertrand Delacrétaz
"Le e-commerce de demain sera en mode découplé" - Guillaume Portes & Baptiste Cacheleux @Webqam
"Réinventez l'expérience client avec Alexa" - Benoît Nachawati @Amazon Alexa