Past event
25 Oct 2019

BSides Luxembourg 2019


Defending any decent-sized organization is extremely difficult; you have to keep the business up and running while also making sure that attackers will not be able to reach the crown-jewels and you have to do it in a way that makes your C-level executives, managers and users happy.

BSides Luxembourg is a conference that is 100% dedicated to defense, inspiring discussions and knowledge exchange among the participants, whether they are from the red or the blue team side.

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Videos from the conference (13):

What You Most Likely Did Not Know About Sudo - Peter Czanik
Telecom Security And A Usecase In SMS Phishing - Dr. Cu D. Nguyen
Where's Wally? Hands-On Thread Hunting In Elasticsearch Using EE-Outliers - Daan Raman
Identify | Protect | Detect | Respond A Deep Dive Into A High Visibility 2017 Breach - James Nemetz
A Walk Through Logs Hell - Xavier Mertens
Syslog-ng: Getting Started, Parsing Messages, Storing In Elasticsearch - Peter Czanik