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25 Oct 2019

BSides Luxembourg 2019


Defending any decent-sized organization is extremely difficult; you have to keep the business up and running while also making sure that attackers will not be able to reach the crown-jewels and you have to do it in a way that makes your C-level executives, managers and users happy.

BSides Luxembourg is a conference that is 100% dedicated to defense, inspiring discussions and knowledge exchange among the participants, whether they are from the red or the blue team side.

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1–2 May 2021

Videos from the conference (13):

Securing Code, Pipelines And The Readguard From Cyber Threats - Ruggero Tonelli
Threat Hunting On Linux And Mac With Auditbeat System Module - Aaron Jewitt
Security Tradeoffs In Elasticsearch - Philipp Krenn
What the Log?! So Many Events, So Little Time... - Miriam Wiesner
Excel For Blue Teams - Didier Stevens
How To Shield An IoT Product From The OWASP IoT Top 10 - Pablo Endres