Past event
31 Jan 2020

Byteconf GraphQL 2020


Byteconf GraphQL is a 100% free single day conference with the best JavaScript speakers and teachers in the world. Conferences are great, but flights, hotels, and tickets are expensive, so not everyone can go. Byteconf is streamed on YouTube, for free, so anyone and everyone can attend. We’re building a community of developers around the world - see you there?

In 2018, we ran three conferences: Byteconf React, Byteconf ReasonML, and Byteconf React Native. We had a lot of fun growing our audience - a smart, engaged group of people learning to code (especially web developers) around the world. In 2019, we ran a single conference, Byteconf JavaScript, which was our first two-day event. Now, at the beginning of 2020, we're kicking Byteconf into high gear and running events across the spectrum of the software world. Byteconf GraphQL is one of our marquee events in 2020, with the expectation of one of the largest audiences we've had so far. Don't miss it!

We're looking for great speakers of all experience levels to speak at Byteconf GraphQL. What's unique about Byteconf is the location: it's completely streamed online. This means that you don't need to travel, be able to afford flights, or a hotel to speak at the conference -- we want to reach people where they are, regardless of socioeconomic situation.

So, about you as a speaker. Our audience is incredibly enthusiastic, and we want to work with speakers who are really excited to teach people. You don't need to have experience as a speaker, and if you don't have the right gear to record a talk, we'll send them to you! We want to support great speakers, but we also want to help people grow into great speakers. If you have a topic that you think is interesting, or if you want to teach people about the way that you look at code, consider submitting a talk idea (or multiple)!

Byteconf talks are 20 minutes. We ask that speakers prerecord their talks, and deliver both the talk and an introductory video (so we can put a face to the voice/code) and have them delivered to us about one or two weeks before the conference.

This year, we're really excited to announce our first ever lightning talks portion of the conference! This is a great opportunity to show off your GraphQL projects, teach a simple GraphQL concept, or whatever else you think would be interesting, in just five minutes. We're super excited about this aspect of the conference, and we encourage you to submit a talk if you want to get a chance to share what you know about GraphQL!

Our speaker alumni have one thing they always mention as a particularly cool part about Byteconf: the live chat. We encourage our speakers to hop into the Twitch chat and hang out with our audience as their talk airs. This is a great chance to answer questions, build connections, and grow your audience. It's a unique dynamic that we haven't seen at any other conference!

Questions before you submit? Shoot us an email: [email protected] Thanks, and hope to see your submission soon!

Videos from the conference (12):

THE FUTURE OF APPS: Real-time & offline with GraphQL
BUILDING WITH GRANDSTACK: GraphQL, React, Apollo, and Neo4j