Past event
25 Feb 2020

C++ Europe Conference



Join if you’re interested in learning more about the language and the technologies surrounding C++.

Whether you’re building high performance applications, you have memory constraints or you’re working on very old codebases, there will be something for you to learn and try out when you’re going back to your project.

There will be conversations on applying modern practices like refactoring, unit testing, test driven development, etc. in various C++ environments.


The conference is for anyone interested in learning more about C++, be it from speakers or peers. It’s also an environment where sharing experiences is highly encouraged.

Whether you’re a senior developer, an architect, an expert, a consultant, or new to C++, you will find interesting sessions or conversations for you.

HOW IS IT SPECIAL? CppEurope is simply for C++ programmers and their everyday problems.


  • A healthy mix of well-known experts and local speakers
  • A panel discussion that will not be boring (hint: you will get involved if you have something to say)
  • A social gathering, including a geek networking party at the end
  • Diversity of opinions and audience (from beginners to very experienced programmers, technical leads or architects)
  • Conversations that matter to you