13–15 May 2020

14th International CARO workshop - Industry of Threat


Throughout the last decades a vivid cybercrime ecosystem emerged which is constantly changing. Computing devices are no longer restricted to desktops. More and more connected devices are used in both emerging technologies and traditional industrial environments. New technologies bring up new and unforeseen threat vectors. The usage of computing devices has been increasing and so has the responsibility of the security industry to provide adequate countermeasures for cyber criminals and more dedicated attackers.

The CARO workshop is about combining forces to counter the industry of threats.

CARO workshop is:

a) a conference, which covers the most important issues of cyber security in general and especially anti-virus research and

b) a great place for networking, meetinging people, establishing partnerships etc.

Registration will start in January 2020. The fees will range from 650 EUR to 800 EUR.