Past event
7–8 Nov 2019

CascadiaJS 2019


CascadiaJS features a single track of 24 amazing speakers discussing the cutting-edge of JavaScript, web development and engineering culture over the course of 2 days. We also work hard to provide a safe and inclusive environment for everyone! We expect, and require, all organizers, sponsors, speakers, volunteers, and attendees of all levels to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

CascadiaJS is the premier JavaScript conference in the Pacific Northwest and is coming up on its 8th year. This year it's being held in Seattle, WA on Nov 7-8. In addition to the 2-day conference, there are several workshops being run during the week leading up to it, including ReactJS and GraphQL workshops. The conference is packed with talks from 9am-5pm and will be covering everything from web components to GraphQL to the future of serverless and edge software deployments.

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Videos from the conference (26):

CascadiaJS 2019 Sights and Sounds
Closing CascadiaJS 2019
Futurist Code Bases - Integrating JS of the Future Today | Brian Holt | CascadiaJS 2019
Machine Learning for Front-End Devs | Charlie Gerard | CascadiaJS 2019
How to Have an Amicable Breakup With A JavaScript Library | Daria Caraway | CascadiaJS 2019
Accessibility is a Hydra | EJ Mason | CascadiaJS 2019