Past event
13–14 May 2020

Chatbot Summit Vegas 2020


Chatbot Summit Vegas is Going Virtual With Grapple - A Video First Conference Network which we’re building from the ground up! On May 13-14th, ( the dates stay the same!), you will have the opportunity to join thousands of attendees and hundreds of community partners & startups and learn from the leading brands! Our learning formats will span across 5 different stages and you’ll have the opportunity to join 5 min keynotes to 1.5 hour long workshops and roundtable discussions.

You’ll also have a chance to connect 1:1 on curated video meetings with fellow colleagues , partners and customers from the world’s top brands,

We are also going to make available dozens of live virtual booths where you can play with demos of the latest developments in conversational experiences from chat to voice and video, based on the latest AI Technologies.

Last but not least - we’re also going to have lots of fun with Beers over Zoom, Virtual Yoga lessons and interactive social challenges. Since we don’t want to keep you waiting we’ve started with a series of virtual events which will all lead up to the main event on May 13-14!