Past event
10–13 Dec 2019

ChatBotSummit 2019


Chatbot Summit is the world's leading international event series connecting the eminent professionals and organizations who believe that Conversational A.I. will be the next curve in customer experiences.

To date, 5 successful international conferences were held in Berlin and in Tel Aviv. The conferences bring the world’s most influential brands, global technology leaders, and fast-growing startups together, who are partnering to build the best in class natural language experiences and take them to market.

Chatbot Summit was founded in 2016 by Yoav Barel, an Israeli tech entrepreneur, who's held senior product and strategy positions at Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and LivePerson. Yoav has been pioneering digital experience solutions from the early days of Mobile Java, to Apps, and now Bots. Yoav, like many others, is convinced that conversational user experiences powered by artificial intelligence (AKA Chatbots) are going to take the realm from Apps to dominate the digital experience market for the years to come.