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26 Oct 2019

ClojuRu 2019


ClojuRU 2019 is the first specialised Clojure conference in Russia will take place on October 26th in Moscow.

Clojure is a unique programming language, capable of changing your approach to development. It focuses of productivity and simplicity. Clojure is the "red pill", and once you take it, you'll never be the same.

At the conference we'll discuss novel approaches to testing of web apps, problems of designing architecture in large applications and ways of solving them.

ClojuRU is a place where you can learn about Clojure, talk to experienced developers and help expand Clojure community.

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Past event
ClojuRu 2020
15–20 Oct 2020
  Moscow Moscow 

ClojuRU 2020 - is the Russian annual Clojure conference. This year it will happen in mid-October in Moscow.

Videos from the conference:

Vlad Bokov - Hacking on clojure.core & runtime.
Mike Ananev - Data ecosystems. Data-driven approach to build a B2B metadata system.
Alexey Kudryavtsev - Versioning in Datomic: Beyond History API
Niquola Ryzhikov - Test front on the back. clj, cljs, re-frame + some engineering thoughts
Ivan Grishaev - Datalog on top of SQL
Lev Rasskazov - Managing stateful objects and dependencies between them