13–14 May 2020

Cloud & Datacenter Conference Germany 2020


The Cloud & Datacenter Conference Germany is the go-to event for Microsoft technologies and caters to the modern and diverse IT-Pro audience. Contrary to the ”nothing but cloud” trend we only have 30% Public Cloud Sessions and focus on on-premise technologies like Windows Server, System Center, Office Servers, security, automation and much more.

So if you are searching for an event where legacy IT is not considered to be the “Shit of Yesterday” but is seen as the valid and valuable instrument it still is this conference is for you. On-premises is the key to valuable hybrid IT and takes care of needs that cannot yet be served by the public cloud. Even more, physical hardware plays a key role in edge and fog computing. In a world of IoT and AI it’s clear that, just like with so many services before, modern solutions require a more diverse and as such potentially more complex approach. Come and learn how to leverage your rich inheritance so it contributes to your future success instead of throwing it away.