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11–12 Sep 2019

Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2019


From startups to the Fortune 500, Cloud Foundry is used by businesses around the globe to automate, scale and manage cloud apps throughout their lifecycle. Whether you’re a contributor or committer building the platform, or you’re using the platform to attain your business goals, Cloud Foundry Europe Summit is where developers, operators, CIOs and other IT professionals go to share best practices and innovate together.

Smart business knows the future is cloud-native — and their development teams are building that future using Cloud Foundry technologies.

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Past event

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Cloud Foundry Europe Summit Highlights | The Hague, The Netherlands Sept 11&12
Keynote: Daimler Hybrid Cloud – Daimler Journey with Cloud Foundry - Thomas Müller, Daimler AG
Keynote: Accessibility In Open Source - Gina Holden, Senior Software Engineer, Pivotal
Keynote Demo: Project Quarks – Native Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes - Vlad Iovanov, SUSE
Keynote Demo: Service Mesh Networking Features - Eric Malm, Pivotal Software
Keynote: Opening Remarks - Abby Kearns, Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation