Past event
12 Nov 2019

Cloud Native & Edge Computing Summit 2019


Cloud Native & Edge Computing Summit is the evolution of the OpenStack Israel community. As the global cloud technology revolution continues, so must this group and annual conference continue to grow with it. So, we are proud to bring you the all new Cloud Native Day Tel Aviv event and Cloud Native Israel community.

​This incredible community of entrepreneurs and developers has grown to over 1000 members over its six year existence and hosted renowned speakers from all around the world on all topics OpenStack. We are now expanding the scope of this event to include the latest and upcoming technologies that are most relevant to the developer community in Israel.

This event will focus on various technologies such as:

  • Edge Computing

  • Multi-Cloud Automation

  • Kubernetes and containers

  • Serverless

  • DevOps


  • OpenStack

  • IoT, and more ​

We look forward to the start of this new chapter in the community's life, and we'll see you at the event in November!

Videos from the conference (14):

Opening Words - Reshef Mann, AppsFlyer
Cloud and Edge: Price, Performance and Privacy Considerations in IOT - Tsvi Lev
Cloud Native Transformation Patterns - Pini Reznik
Cloud Native: The Cattle, the Pets, and the Germs - Avishai Ish Shalom
Container Runtime Security with Falco - Nestor Salceda
The Four Questions (Every Monitoring Engineer gets asked) - Leon Adato