Past event
5–6 Aug 2019

Cloud Native Summit 2019


Cloud-Native Summit is an international tech conference where you will learn in a friendly and inclusive environment about the latest innovations and best practices in software development, DevOps principles, Microservices, Service Mesh, Continuous Delivery, Containers technologies, automating IT operations, Testing, Security and more.

Videos from the conference (15):

Cloud Native Summit 2019 - New Zealand
Cloud Native Summit - GitOps Driven Deployments on OpenShift / H. Cumberworth-Lane & Everett Toews
Cloud Native Summit - Building Serverless applications at scale By Vanessa Thornton
Cloud Native Summit - Observability for everyone / Inny So & Andrew Jones
Portable Open Source Serverless runtimes on top of Kubernetes: a developer guide by Scott Coulton
Metrics, Histograms, Traces - The ultimate measurement of customer experience By Annie Lin