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19 Oct 2019

CloudFirst Camp 2019 Latam


CloudFirst Camp 2019 Latam is a world-class technological event with a full immersion experience in a full day, learning from multi-cloud and focused on the user experience with its latest trends.

Our purpose is to strengthen the knowledge and skills of multi-cloud and focused on the experience of users in Colombia and Latin America demonstrating the potential as an enabler in sustainable business solutions, bringing together excellent speakers aligning to the global changes of the digital transformation.

Our last successful event went beyond our expectations, with more than 300 attendees, 21 brilliant speakers, 14 sponsors. This October 19, we will again have the opportunity to share and transmit knowledge with technological issues currently for business.

We invite professionals involved in the world of disruption and digital transformation, Cloud, DevOps, decision makers, people involved in the sale, purchase or participation in Cloud-based consulting solutions and services.

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Past event