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Come and listen to the cutting-edge talks from leading practitioners across one day, in this community lead conference that helps developers stay ahead of the latest trends and techniques.

Join us on 28 November 2019 in beautiful Amsterdam and focus on a whole day of real-world, practical applications of Erlang, Elixir and the BEAM - all within the context of high-performance and massively scalable distributed systems.

The conference is co-organised by Botsquad and Kabisa. Check out the slides and videos from 2018 edition to see how great the conference went last year!

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Past event
Past event
Code BEAM STO 2020
10–11 Sep 2020

Videos from the conference (13):

Péter Gömöri - The Yin and Yang of Mutability | CBL AMSTERDAM 19
Veronica Lopez - The BEAM in the Cloud Native era | CBL AMSTERDAM 19
Igor Kopestenski - IoT Edge Computing with bare-metal Erlang | CBL AMSTERDAM 19
Johanna Larsson - String processing optimisation | CBL AMSTERDAM 19
Hubert Łępicki - Keeping tabs on production | CBL AMSTERDAM 19
Vince Urag and Bruno Azenha - The many ways to hold a token | CBL AMSTERDAM 19