Code Elixir LDN is a one-day conference bringing together the Elixir community to share, learn and inspire.

The conference is suitable for all levels of programming experience and all team members, from developers to CTOs and above.

Attend Code Elixir LDN, meet like-minded professionals, find opportunities with companies using Elixir, grow your career, knowledge, contacts and team.

Code Elixir LDN actively encourages diversity in the Elixir community.

Videos from the conference (33):

Chris McCord - Keynote: Phoenix LiveView - Interactive Apps without Javascript - ElixirConf EU 2019
José Valim - Keynote: Announcing Brodway - ElixirConf EU 2019
Philipp Schmieder - From Zero to Elixir Deployment - ElixirConf EU 2019
José San Gil - Exploiting PostgreSQL's power with Elixir / Ecto applications - ElixirConf EU 2019
Renan Ranelli - Rewriting critical software in Elixir - a case study - ElixirConf EU 2019
Arkadiusz Gil - Telemetry ...and metrics for all - ElixirConf EU 2019