Past event

Code Mesh LDN - the alternative programming conference.

We bring together a unique mix of creators, developers, innovators, academics, and visionaries to help solve real-world problems using innovative, non-mainstream tech.

Code Mesh will demonstrate how thinking beyond the conventional can empower you to master the challenges of implementing distributed systems in the multicore era.

This is a two-day event for people looking to scale up, find the holy grail, or search for a more satisfying career in programming.

Videos from the conference (33):

KEYNOTE | Sam Aaron, Jeremy Ruston & Robert Virding - TBD: Be Inquisitive, Share and Inspire
KEYNOTE | Simon Peyton Jones - Revolution in computing education at school: opportunity & challenge
KEYNOTE | Veronica Dahl - AI for Social Responsibility: Embedding principled guidelines into AI
Martin Kleppmann - Correctness proofs of distributed systems with Isabelle | Code Mesh LDN 19
Evelina Gabasova - Breaking black-box AI | Code Mesh LDN 19
Mary Sheeran - Let's get more women into computer science | Code Mesh LDN 19