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The biggest tech conference for software developers will be back in Madrid on September!

Codemotion is a two-day event open to all languages and technologies with a focus on topics such as Frontend, Cybersecurity, Mobile, DevOps, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Machine Learning, Design, Inspirational, Javascript, Microservices, AR/MR/VR, Diversity, Software Architecture, Voice Assistance, Kubernetes, IT Careers.

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Past event
Codemotion Madrid 2020
24–25 Sep 2020
  Madrid Madrid 

Videos from the conference (142):

Codemotion Madrid 2019 | Final video
Codemotion Madrid 2019 I Internationalisation is a piece of cake, Eli Schütze Ramírez, Monzo
Codemotion Madrid 2019 I Why I stopped worrying and learned to love logs, Joaquín Fernández Campo
Codemotion Madrid 2019 I Alexa doesn’t care, Should you? Olya Kudina, Delft Uni of Technology
Codemotion Madrid 2019 I Structured Concurrency Asynchronous shift in Kotlin (presentation)
Codemotion Madrid 2019 | Artificial Stupidity, Alex Fernández, CTO, Influencity