Past event
9–10 Sep 2019

ComponentsConf 2019


ComponentsConf is Australian conference for front-end and full-stack developers with exclusive focus on JavaScript frameworks where world-class experts share unique insights.

The conference is featuring two stages where our speakers would share their knowledge and expertise not only in established technologies like React, Angular and Vue, but also in emerging cutting-edge mobile and web tech stacks.

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Videos from the conference (17):

Craig Spence | Universally Speaking | ComponentsConf 2019
Yaser Adel Mehraban | AI and JavaScript, no You're Not Dreaming | ComponentsConf 2019
Mark Dalgleish | Designing with Components | ComponentsConf 2019
Wilson Mendes | Data-Driven Frontend Components and the New Jira Navigation | ComponentsConf 2019
Phil Nash | Web Sharing is Web Caring | ComponentsConf 2019
Jennifer Wong | Translating React | ComponentsConf 2019