Past event
24 Jan 2020

Concentric 2020


24 January 2020

8am to 5pm, Pacific USA time

Live and online via Zoom, $97 USD per person

CX and UX are at the heart of everything your company does. Without customer satisfaction, it doesn’t matter how Agile, Lean, efficient, productive, or anything else you think you are. Your cool tech, your CI/CD pipeline, your expensive re-brand, and paid social influencers will all mean nothing if you don’t have happy customers.

Concentric is an event where each presentation ties back to the customer’s experience… The UX of a digital interface or the human perception of a brand, service, store, or experience. It’s all about the X!

Target attendees are all roles in creative, software dev, and tech including CX, UX, UI, product, project, engineering, devops, BAs, security, marketing, sales, etc. Target companies are any company of any size including startups. This event is for anyone interested in how to create improvements to their product, process, and culture so that they are improving customer communication and satisfaction.