Past event
7 Dec 2019

ConFrontJS 2019


MEET US! ConFrontJS is a conference that focuses on JavaScript used in Front-end development held once a year. The target participants are mid-level and advanced JavaScript programmers.

WHO ARE WE? With over 5,092 members, WarsawJS is currently one of the largest and one of the most active JavaScript communities in Poland. ConFrontJS is organized by the WarsawJS core team.

OUR EVENTS Since 2014, our independent community has organized a total of 106 events and has continued to grow organically.

Our events are open and accessible. We offer live streaming of WarsawJS Meetups and also post individual YouTube videos of each presentation after every event.

Videos from the conference (10):

Tomasz Łakomy — Sleeping better at night — ConFrontJS 2019
Eleftheria Batsou — When you think there is not time for learning or coding — ConFrontJS 2019
Tetiana Platonova — The Importance of Clean Code — ConFrontJS 2019
Jerbi Saif — Mastering Reactive Programming with RxJS — ConFrontJS 2019
Przemysław Zych — Should I fire my DevOps already? Build your infrastructure using TypeScript
Wojciech Jureczka — How to change mindset of coworkers? — ConFrontJS 2019