At Women Talk Design, one of the number one topics both new and experienced want to discuss as a community is getting paid to speak. Speaker compensation can feel like a bit of a black box -- how do you know if an event is going to pay up? How much should you ask for? What if the event organizers say no?

At our first #CouchConvo Women Talk Design speakers shared their experience and advice for navigating public speaking in the time of COVID-19. This time, we’re diving into the ins and outs of getting paid to speak. Speaker Denise Jacobs will be back joined by Women Talk Design Founder Christina Wodtke.

  • How can you approach conversations around compensation with event organizers?
  • How do you know what to ask for?
  • What techniques can you use to negotiate? Learn from two veteran speakers about how to think about your worth as a speaker and ask for what you deserve.

Again, we know we’re all juggling extra responsibilities, family at home, anxiety, and other demands right now. That’s why we want to reach a broad audience and have this conversation twice! Register for the time that works best for you.

There’s a nominal fee to help offset expenses.

Come with your questions! We’ll see you soon.