6 Oct 2022

Couchbase Connect 2022


Couchbase Connect 2022 is Couchbase's flagship conference that brings our global community of database developers, architects, partners, customers, and NoSQL thought-leaders together for major product updates, amazing demos and inspiring customer and partner testimonials, all in a virtual and interactive format that enables easy networking and knowledge-sharing.

The theme for this year's conference is Escape Velocity. In rocket engineering, escape velocity is the speed needed for an object to escape from the gravitational influence of a primary body, such as a planet, a star or even a moon. In the Couchbase metaphor, escape velocity is the speed and energy needed for aspirational organizations to successfully complete their digital transformation initiatives, able to break free from the gravitational constraints imposed by existing system limitations, team skills, architectures, operating costs, cloud migration, feature requirements, performance and availability expectations, mobility and edge constraints etc...

We are looking for use cases, best practices, deployment strategies and in-depth case studies for how Couchbase has helped transform on-prem, cloud, and mobile applications that will define modern user experiences in the 21st century. We are looking for these stories, tutorials, application designs, cross-cloud integrations, and demonstrations from you, of what to anticipate in our modern age.

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