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Conferences in Austria (12)

TYPO3Camp Vienna 2020
3–5 Sep 2020
  Vienna Vienna 

Conferences in Belarus (5)

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BruCON Training and Conference 2020
28 Sep – 2 Oct 2020

Conferences in Botswana (1)

The Under 30 Summit comes to the world’s greatest growth market, Africa, for the first time. From December 2-6, 2020, the world’s most elite young entrepreneurs and game-changers will convene in one of the world’s most beautiful countries, Botswana. Of the 600 participants, one third will come from the 30 Under 30 Africa community, one third from our host (Botswana), and one-third from the Forbes 30 Under 30 community worldwide.

Beginning in Botswana’s capital city, Gaborone (a short flight or five-hour drive from Johannesburg), we’ll hear from government, venture capital and business role models, providing inspiration for the newest—and next—generation of leaders. We will welcome local performers, chefs and entrepreneurs, allowing us to experience the sounds, cuisine and staples of local culture while engaging in unbeatable networking and pitching opportunities.

As with every Under 30 Summit, the social and cultural opportunities will be world-class. Halfway through the event we’ll jump on our own private planes and take the excitement from Gaborone to Chobe National Park, the world’s largest elephant sanctuary. Here, we’ll focus on sustainability, with a special day of programming outside among the elephants, a sunset river cruise among the hippos and crocodiles, and a special one-day safari that ranks among the best in Africa.

Across four days, we’ll explore in every way the best of Africa, and harness the power of entrepreneurial capitalism amid the continent whose growth will help define the 21st century.

Conferences in Brazil (9)

Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™

Milhares de CIOs e executivos de TI se reunirão em São Paulo para discutir tópicos importantes, incluindo analytics avançado, inteligência artificial (IA), machine learning, cultura, experiência do cliente, cibersegurança e muito mais.

O Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ é o lugar para você alcançar maior impacto como líder, aprimorar suas estratégias e encontrar as tecnologias e soluções de última geração que o ajudarão a impulsionar seus negócios. Veja aqui alguns destaques da conferência de 2019:

  • Palestras inspiradoras de palestrantes líderes e visionários, como Bruce Kirkby, Dr. Hannah Fry, Adriana Machado, Dr. Steve Robbins, Martha Gabriel, e mais
  • Insights de analistas do Gartner para orientar CIOs e executivos de TI a desenvolver e executar estratégias vencedoras
  • Interações significativas entre líderes para explorar desafios em comum que CIOs e executivos de TI e negócios estão enfrentando
  • Soluções de tecnologia de ponta para ajudar os participantes a cumprir suas prioridades de missão crítica
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Conferences in Bulgaria (8)

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Conferences in Canada (25)

Swift TO 2020
13–14 Aug 2020

Conferences in China (1)

QCon Beijing 2020
15–17 Oct 2020

Conferences in Colombia (3)

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Conferences in Croatia (4)

Shift Dev 2020
14–15 Sep 2020
  Split Split 
Digital Labin 2020
25–26 Sep 2020
  Labin Labin 
Futuricon 2020
2–4 Oct 2020
  Rijeka Rijeka 
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