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Covalence is a conference about Electron, the framework that enables developers to use web technologies as the foundation for cross-platform desktop apps.

We'll go beyond the usual "Introducing Electron" talks and take a deeper look at building performant, secure, and beautiful apps that users love. Let's take a look at the future of the web platform on the desktop, the Electron framework itself, and hear from those who've built great software with it.

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Past event

Covalence is an independent, hand-crafted, single-day and single-track conference about building desktop apps with Electron, Node.js and JavaScript. Join us for an exciting look at the future of Electron and JavaScript on the desktop, a chance to meet the community, and a day of inspiration and fun.

Videos from the conference (8):

Shelley Vohr - Trash Talk: Understanding Garbage Collection [CovalenceConf 2020]
Terry Thorsen - Electron For The Enterprise [CovalenceConf 2020]
Atishay Jain - Milliseconds Matter [CovalenceConf 2020]
Eleftheria Batsou - When you think there is no time for learning or coding [CovalenceConf 2020]
Charles Kerr - Electron's Codebase for Beginners [CovalenceConf 2020]
Dana Scheider - Choose Your Own QA Adventure [CovalenceConf 2020]