Past event
25 Sep 2019

CSSConf Budapest 2019


CSSConf Budapest is a community conference dedicated to the designers and developers who love CSS. For the community, by the community.

All CSSConf event organizer teams share the vision of an international, diverse and creative CSS community, for which the CSSConf series offers a platform to meet, hack, share knowledge and build friendships.

Videos from the conference (9):

CSS Games and Drawings in the Real World: Useful or Just Fun? by Giulia Cardieri | CSSConf BP 2019
The Weird — Yet Practical — World of Paint Worklets by Jeremy Wagner | CSSConf BP 2019
Crafting Stateful Styles with State Machines by David Khourshid | CSSConf BP 2019
CSS in JS - beware the Hype! by Kathrin Holzmann | CSSConf BP 2019
Building Better Products Faster by Yu Ling Cheng & France Wang | CSSConf Bp 2019
Variable Fonts & Readability by Damien Senger | CSSConf BP 2019