Past event
23 Nov 2019

DartUP 2019


Two years ago, we created DartRU - a Russian-speaking community, which was officially recognized by Google. Since then, we have held several Dart-related meetups, and last year we decided to organize the first Dart conference in Russian. This year DartUP is back, and it’s going to be even bigger!

Want to learn firsthand about the development and future of the Dart language? Experts will be talking about the infrastructure behind the language, sharing their life hacks, successful cases, and projects realized on Dart. We will also be talking about developing applications on Flutter and how to work with that platform.

Videos from the conference (15):

Majid Hajian – Strategic Domain Driven Design for Improving Flutter architecture
Алексей Золотых – About zones in Dart
Артем Кобзарь – Препарируя Dart VM
Kevin Segaud – One codebase 6 platforms
Андрей Смирнов – Flutter. Working with graphics
Александр Денисов – Multiplatform Flutter. Building Adaptive UI